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Music Heals: Interview with Izzy Imamura

February 8, 2024

By Brynne Beller
University of Arkansas
3 min read

At I Have The Right To, we are big fans of the healing power of music!  Music is universally recognized for its therapeutic effects on emotional, mental and even physical well-being.  It can reduce stress, elevate mood, and enhance relaxation.  Fun fact, Brynne Beller, author of this blog and Izzy both spent time in Tokyo, Japan  when they were young and living with their families, attending the same girls’ school, the International School of the Sacred Heart  – in the heart of Tokyo.  Izzy’s first song, “Anything at All” really captured our attention, reflecting about when you thought you knew so much in high school, only to feel like you didn’t really know “Anything at All’. 

Q: What inspires your music?

A: “The music I write is inspired by real life experiences that I have either lived through or observed other people live through. I think a lot of my favorite pieces that I have written have come from very personal situations that I am trying to work through. It’s a very scary thing to write about your private life at times, but I have found it to be extremely rewarding when I am able to connect to people who relate to the music, and feel like we are kind of in it together. I hope to keep connecting with people through my music and putting myself out there.”

Q: What is the writing and recording process like?

A: “I write all of my songs on guitar or piano and then bring them to my incredibly wonderful producer, Nick Anton, who works with me to make them better than I could ever imagine. I feel very grateful to be in collaboration with Nick, he is truly a music genius and has been so patient and helpful in me finding my sound as an artist. After the mix is finished, we send it over to Dan Millice, an incredibly talented mastering engineer, to get the finished master.”

Q: Can you share any of your future music plans?

A: “Yes! I am in the rollout process of releasing my first EP called “On The Playground”, which is all about growing up, heartbreak, first loves, and what it’s like to be living in your 20s. The first three tracks are being released as singles, then the final two will be released together on March 14th, my birthday. The first two tracks, “Anything At All” and “Bread Crumbs”, are out now, then the next single, “If I Loved You” is being released on February 11th, which is probably one of my favorites on the EP. It’s been a dream for so long to release my own original music, so I am so excited that it’s finally happening!”

Q: What artists inspire you?

A: “Soooo many artists have inspired me. Joni Mitchell is definitely at the top of my list. The messages in her songs are so impactful and she never let anyone tell her what to be or how her music should sound. She wrote about things that really mattered which is what I am inspired to do. In terms of old school, I am obsessed with Stevie Nicks, Carole King, Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, too many to name. The artists in today’s era that inspire me are Lizzy McAlpine, Lauryn Hill, Noah Kahan, Phoebe Bridgers, Yebba, again, too many to name. All of these artists have something to say through their music, and I love that so much.”

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