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This pledge is written for four key audiences – students, parents, educators, and community members – in support of survivors, to raise awareness and invite shared responsibility in ensuring that every student receives an education free from sexual assault.

I pledge to learn about the prevalence of sexual assault in schools and how I can help prevent it.

I pledge to learn about the characteristics of healthy relationships and the definition of consent.*

I pledge to understand my school’s policies and advocate for appropriate change. 

I pledge to take action when I see unsafe situations in my school, workplace, and community.

I pledge to believe, support, and advocate for students and survivors of sexual assault.

I pledge to do my part to build a community where every student receives an education free from sexual assault.

*I Have The Right To recognizes the definition of consent as defined by the Consent Awareness Network (CAN): Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement (#FGKIA) by a person with the capacity to reason. This definition means that consent is given without the influence of force, fear, or fraud.  

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