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During Roe’s Overturn, a Girl Scout Troop at the Capitol Got a Real Glimpse of U.S. Government Misogyny

July 20, 2022

We brought our girls to the Capitol to show them the promise of America, and instead gave them a briefing on its reality.

On Friday, June 24, a troop of Girl Scouts came to visit the Capitol in Washington, D.C. They walked together in their uniforms and neatly braided hair, their patent leather Mary Janes clacking on the granite, their hard-earned badges on display—symbols of their accomplishments, their intelligence and passion, and their dedication to an organization whose rallying cry asserts women are leaders too. That we should teach our girls to be brave—not just beautiful; that their brains and their voices can carry them to their dreams. These Girl Scouts walked through Capitol Police barricades.

To their right was a podium set up for a press conference set to be held later that afternoon. The House was scheduled to pass bipartisan gun reforms—legislation spurred by the brutal murder of children not much younger than themselves.


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