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Opinion: Father’s Day Call to Help Stop the Sexual Assault of Our Nation’s Children

June 19, 2022

Dads, we are failing our children.

As men and fathers, we participate in institutions every day that perpetuate a culture of rape. And once a sexual assault occurs, we are often — however unintentionally — a part of the machine that shames survivors, forces them into silence, and isolates them from their communities.

This tragic cycle happens in our schools, day cares, sports, community services, houses of worship, health care institutions and workplaces, thanks in part to the vast network of insurance companies and legal advisers set up to protect the reputations of these organizations. The well-worn playbook for these institutions has been coined by renowned psychologist and scholar Dr. Jennifer Freyd as DARVO — deny, attach, reverse victim and offender.

It is no wonder that 98% of perpetrators of sexual assault walk free. We have seen this cyclical tragedy play out firsthand; we each have daughters who were sexually assaulted during high school.


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