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How to Bring I Have The Right To to Your School

Whether you are a student or parent, engaging I Have The Right To at your (or your child’s) school is a tangible action you can take against sexual assault in schools. Here is how to do so.

Identify the issues. This checklist can help to identify the areas your school most needs to work on to adequately and fairly respond to issues of sexual assault. 

Learn how I Have The Right To can help. Read through the content I Have The Right To can curate for schools and select the three topics that are most needed and relevant to your school.

Look to your allies. Consider which counselor, teacher coach, or school administrator would be most open to an initial conversation about the problem of sexual assault at your school and, about the solution.

Make the case. Contact the ally you identified and make the case for engaging with I Have The Right To. Here are some phrases you can consider using:

“I would like to see our school have [list the topics you identified in the checklist above] in place. I have done some research and I Have The Right To works with schools like ours to make this happen. Is this something that our school can consider?”

“There have been several cases of sexual assault and harassment recently and we are growing concerned that there is an underlying issue to address here. Could the school consider contacting I Have The Right To? I have a contact there who can help.”

“This checklist from I Have The Right To could be a helpful resource to the school in identifying and addressing gaps in how we prevent and respond to sexual assault. Could we invite a representative from I Have The Right To to talk to school leaders about what is on this list?”

Recruit others. There is strength in numbers. Share these talking points with other students or parents. Consider whether you each reach out to a different leader at your school to increase the chances of the school taking your requests seriously.

Loop us in. If you think your school needs I Have The Right To, let us know right away. We can help facilitate conversation among your school’s teachers, coaches, and leaders to get the ball rolling.

Don’t give up. If you do not hear a response to your request, remember to follow-up. Consider speaking with another leader at your school. And above all, don’t give up. Any action to ensure students can receive an education free from sexual assault is an important one!

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